Globalization of the United States, 1789-1861
Coltons General Atlas of the World

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Image List By Section


Goodrich, S[amuel]. G[riswold]., 1793-1860. A History of All Nations, from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time; or, Universal History: in which the History of Every Nation, Ancient and Modern, is Separately Given. 2 vols. New York and Auburn: Miller, Orton and Mulligan, 1856, [c1849-1851].  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: D20.G6 v.1-2 “The Earth as viewed from the Moon”  p. 1:44

Bradford, T[homas]. G[amaliel]., 1802-1887. A Comprehensive Atlas Geographical, Historical & Commercial. Boston: William D. Ticknor; New-York: Wiley and Long; Philadelphia: T.T. Ash, 1835.  Lilly Library call number: [G1019.B8] “Distance & Direction of Various Places from New York”  p. [180]

Butterfield, Carlos. Map of United States and Mexico. Published by Johnson & Browning, under the direction of Col. Carlos Butterfield. New York: Johnson and Browning, 1859.  Lilly Library call number: [G3301.P54 1859 B88] “Map Showing the Routes of the Ocean Steamers”   Map inset


Carey, Mathew. Carey’s American Pocket Atlas. 3rd ed. Philadelphia: Mathew Carey, 1805.  Lilly Library call number: GA403.C19 “The United States of America”  Map No. 1

A Complete Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas, Being A Guide to the History of North and South America, and the West Indies: Exhibiting An Accurate Account of the Discovery, Settlement, and Progress of their Various Kingdoms, States, Provinces, &c. Together with the Wars, Celebrated Battles, and Remarkable Events, to the Year 1822. Philadelphia: H.C. Carey and I. Lea, 1823.  Lilly Library call number: GA402.C26 “United States of America”   Map No. 5

Finley, Anthony. A New American Atlas, Designed Principally to Illustrate the Geography of the United States of North America; in which Every County in Each State and Territory of the Union Is Accurately Delineated, as Far as at Present Known: The Whole Compiled from the Latest and Most Authentic Information. Philadelphia: Published by Anthony Finley, 1826.  Lilly Library call number: GA403.F5 “Map of North America Including All the Recent Geographical Discoveries”   Map No. 1

Bradford, T[homas]. G[amaliel]., 1802-1887. An Illustrated Atlas, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the United States, and the Adjacent Countries. Boston: Weeks, Jordan, and Company, 1838.  Lilly Library call number: G403.B8 “North America”  Map No. 1

Arrowsmith, Aaron, 1750-1823. A New and Elegant General Atlas. Boston: Thomas and Andrews, 1805.  Lilly Library call number: GA319.A7 1805 “The World on Mercator’s Projection”  Map No. 2

Carey, Mathew. Carey’s General Atlas, Improved and Enlarged: Being a Collection of Maps of the World and Quarters, Their Principal Empires, Kingdoms, &c. Philadelphia: Published by M. Carey, 1816.  Lilly Library call number: GA319.C2 1816 “A Chart of the World, According to Mercators Projection”  Map No. 2

Bradford, T[homas]. G[amaliel]., 1802-1887. A Comprehensive Atlas Geographical, Historical & Commercial. Boston: William D. Ticknor; New-York: Wiley and Long; Philadelphia: T.T. Ash, 1835.  Lilly Library call number: [G1019.B8] “Western Hemisphere”  p. [141]

Tanner, H[enry]. S[chenck]., 1786-1858. A New Universal Atlas Containing Maps of the various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics of the World. Philadelphia: H.S. Tanner, 1836.  Lilly Library call number: GA319.T16 “A New Map of the World on the Globular Projection”  Map No. 1

Geographical Imaginaries

Goodrich, S[amuel]. G[riswold]., 1793-1860. Peter Parley’s Universal History, on the Basis of Geography. 2 vols. Boston: American Stationers’ Company; John B. Russell, 1837.  Lilly Library call number: D21.G6 1837 v.1-2 “Mankind in various Stages of Civilization”  1:Frontispiece

Mitchell, S[amuel]. Augustus, 1792-1868. A System of Modern Geography, Comprising a Description of the Present State of the World and its Five Great Divisions: America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceanica: with their Several Empires, Kingdoms, States, Territories, etc. 4th ed. Philadelphia: Thomas, Cowperthwait and Co., 1844, c1839.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: G126.M67 “Stages of Society”  Frontispiece

Nott, J[osiah]. C[lark]., 1804-1873, and Gliddon, Geo[rge]. R., 1809-1857. Types of Mankind: or, Ethnological Researches, Based Upon the Ancient Monuments, Paintings, Sculptures, and Crania of Races, and upon their Natural, Geographical, Philosophical, and Biblical History: Illustrated by Selections from the Inedited Papers of Samuel George Morton, M.D., (Late President of the Academy of Natural Sciences at Philadelphia,) and by Additional Contributions from Prof. L. Agassiz, LL.D.; W. Usher, M.D.; and Prof. H.S. Patterson, M.D. 4th ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo and Co.; London: Trubner and Co., 1854.  Lilly Library call number: GN23.N89 “Apollo Belvidere” “Negro” “Chimpanzee”  p. 458

Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896. First Geography for Children. Boston: Phillips, Sampson and Co., 1855.  Wells Library call number: G73.S75 “Races of Men”  p. 175

Goodrich, S[amuel]. G[riswold]., 1793-1860. A History of All Nations, from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time; or, Universal History: in which the History of Every Nation, Ancient and Modern, is Separately Given. 2 vols. New York and Auburn: Miller, Orton and Mulligan, 1856, [c1849-1851].  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: D20.G6 v.1-2 “The Earth as viewed from the Moon”  p. 1:44

Religious Expansionism

The Life of Mahomet; or, the History of that Imposture which was Begun, Carried On, and Finally Established by Him in Arabia; and which has Subjugated a larger Portion of the Globe, than the Religion of Jesus has yet set at Liberty. 1st American ed. Worcester: Printed by Isaiah Thomas, Jun., 1802.  Lilly Library call number: BP75.L722 1802 Title page

Wyld, James, 1812-1887. An Atlas of Maps of Different Parts of the World; Designed to Show the Stations of the Protestant Missionaries. London: J. Wyld, 1839.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: BV2045.W982 “The World”  Map No. 2

Choules, John O[verton], 1801-1856., and Smith, Thomas, 1775?-1830. The Origin and History of Missions; a Record of the Voyages, Travels, Labors, and Successes of the Various Missionaries, Who Have Been Sent Forth by Protestant Societies and Churches to Evangelize the Heathen; Compiled from Authentic Documents; Forming a Complete Missionary Repository; Illustrated by Numerous Engravings, from Original Drawings Made Expressly for this Work. 6th ed., Continued to the Present Time. 2 vols. Boston: Gould, Kendall and Lincoln, and Crocker and Brewster, 1842.  Wells Library call number: BV2400.C5 v.1-2 “The Gospel Preached to the Heathen”  1:Frontispiece

Judson, Emily C[hubbuck]., 1817-1854. Memoir of Sarah B. Judson, Member of the American Mission to Burmah. New-York: L. Colby and Company, 1848.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: BV3269.J9 “We part on this green islet, love”  Frontispiece

Wilder, R[oyal]. G[ould]., 1816-1887. Mission Schools in India of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, with Sketches of the Missions among the North American Indians, the Sandwich Islands, the Armenians of Turkey, and the Nestorians of Persia. New York: A.D.F. Randolph; Boston, Crocker and Brewster, 1861.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: BV2365.W6 “Mission House and City of Kolapoor” [India]  Frontispiece

Linguistic Competencies

Webster, Noah, 1758-1843. An American Dictionary of the English Language: Intended to Exhibit, I. The Origin, Affinities and Primary Signification of English Words as Far as They have been Ascertained, II. The Genuine Orthography and Pronunciation of Words, According to General Usage or to Just Principles of Analogy, III. Accurate and Discriminating Definitions, with Numerous Authorities and Illustrations: to which is prefixed, An Introductory Dissertation on the Origin, History, and Connection of the Languages of Western Asia and of Europe, and a Concise Grammar of the English Language. 2 vols. New York: Published by S. Converse; New Haven: Printed by Hezekiah Howe, 1828.  Lilly Library call number: PE1625.W38 v.1-2 [definition of “foreign”]  p. “FOR”

Wilson, J[ohn]. Leighton, 1809-1886. A Grammar of the Mpongwe Language, with Vocabularies, by the Missionaries of the A.B.C.F.M., Gaboon Mission, Western Africa. New York: Snowden and Prall, Printers, 1847.  Wells Library call number: PL8531.W7 Title page

Bartlett, John Russell, 1805-1886. Dictionary of Americanisms: A Glossary of Words and Phrases Usually Regarded as Peculiar to the United States. New York: Bartlett and Welford, 1848.  Lilly Library call number: PE2835.B3 1848 [definition of “buckra”]  p. 51

[Riggs, Mary Ann Clark Longley, 1813-1869.] An English and Dakota Vocabulary, by a Member of the Dakota Mission. New York: Printed by R. Craighead, 1852.  Lilly Library call number: PM1023.R5 [word for “American”]  p. 8

Diplomatic Expansionism

Walsh, Robert 1784-1859. An Appeal from the Judgments of Great Britain Respecting the United States of America. London: Printed for John Miller, Burlington Arcade; Philadelphia: Mitchell, Ames, and White, 1819.  Lilly Library call number: E188.W2 Title page

Lyman, Theodore, 1792-1849. The Diplomacy of the United States. Being an account of the foreign relations of the country, from the first treaty with France, in l778, to the treaty of Ghent, in 1814, with Great Britain. Boston: Wells and Lilly, 1826.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: E183.7 L9 “Chapter V. Continental System.”  p. 118

Elliot, Jonathan, 1784-1846. The American Diplomatic Code, Embracing a Collection of Treaties and Conventions Between the United States and Foreign Powers: From 1778 to 1834. 2 vols. Washington DC: J. Elliot, 1834.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: JX236 1834 v.1-2 1:Title page

Prize Essays on a Congress of Nations, For the Adjustment of International Disputes, and for the Promotion of Universal Peace without Resort to Arms. Boston: Published by Whipple and Damrell, for the American Peace Society, 1840.  Lilly Library call number: JX1948.P96 “Chapter XV. Recapitulation and Conclusion.”  p. 635

Greenhow, Robert, 1800-1854. The History of Oregon and California, and the other Territories of the North-West Coast of North America; Accompanied by a Geographical View and Map of those Countries, and a Number of Documents as Proofs and Illustrations of the History. 2nd ed., Revised, Corrected, and Enlarged. Boston: Charles C. Little and James Brown; London: John Murray, 1845.  Lilly Library call number: F880.G78 “Map of the Western & Middle Portions of North America, to Illustrate the history of California, Oregon, & other Countries on the North-West Coast of America”  Fold-out map

Economic Expansionism

Montefiore, J[oshua]., 1762-1843. The American Trader’s Compendium: Containing the Laws, Customs, and Regulations of the United States, Relative to Commerce. Philadelphia: Samuel R. Fishers, Junr., 1811.  Lilly Library call number: HF1239.M77 “Form of the Passport”  p. 240

Riley, James, 1777-1840. An Authentic Narrative of the Loss of the American Brig Commerce, Wrecked on the Western Coast of Africa, in the Month of August, 1815. Hartford: Published by the author, 1817.  Lilly Library call number: DT189.R573 “Capture of the Author & ten of his Crew, by a tribe of wandering Arabs, near Cape Barbas”  Plate 3 between pp. 68-69

Disturnell, John, 1801-1877. Disturnell’s American and European Railway and Steamship Guide, Giving the Arrangements on All the Great Lines of Travel through the United States and Canada, Across the Atlantic Ocean, and Throughout Central Europe. New York: J. Disturnell; for Sale by Booksellers and Periodical Agents in the United States and Canada, 1851.  Lilly Library call number: E166.D6 “Passports”  p. 10

Squier, E[phraim]. G[eorge]., 1821-1888. The States of Central America; their Geography, Topography, Climate, Population, Resources, Productions, Commerce, Political Organization, Aborigines, etc., etc., Comprising Chapters on Honduras, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, the Bay Islands, the Mosquito Shore, and the Honduras Inter-Oceanic Railway. London: Sampson Low, Son, and Co.; New York: Harper and Brothers, 1858.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: F1428.S7 “Bay of Fonseca, Pacific Port of Honduras Railway”  Opposite p. 676

Otis, F[essenden]. N[ott]., 1825-1900. Isthmus of Panama: History of the Panama Railroad: and of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company. New York: Harper and Brothers, Publishers, 1867.  Lilly Library call number: HE2830.P2 O88 1867 “Panama Railroad”  Frontispiece

Economic Imaginaries

Pitkin, Timothy, 1766-1847. A Statistical View of the Commerce of the United States of America: Its Connection with Agriculture and Manufactures: and an Account of the Public Debt, Revenues, and Expenditures of the United States. Hartford: Charles Hosmer, 1816.  Lilly Library call number: 4 6027 Title page

Pitkin, Timothy, 1766-1847. A Statistical View of the Commerce of the United States of America: Including also an Account of Banks, Manufactures and Internal Trade and Improvements: Together with that of the Revenues and Expenditures of the General Government: Accompanied with Numerous Tables. New Haven: Durrie and Peck, 1835.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: HF3001.P6 “Table No. VI. Beef — Barrels” [exports]  p. 127

DeBow, J[ames]. D[unwoody]. B[rownson]., 1820-1867. Statistical View of the United States, Embracing its Territory, Population — White, Free Colored, and Slave — Moral and Social Condition, Industry, Property, and Revenue; Detailed Statistics of Cities, Towns and Counties; being Compendium of 7th Census, to which are Added Results of every Previous Census, Beginning with 1790, in Comparative Tables, with Explanatory and Illustrative Notes, Based upon Schedules and other Official Sources of Information. Washington DC: A.O.P. Nicholson, Public Printer, 1854.  Lilly Library call number: 7-3590 “Commerce of the U. States with several Foreign Nations, 1790-1853”  p. 188

Bromwell, William Jeremy, 1834-1874. History of Immigration to the United States, Exhibiting the Number, Sex, Age, Occupation, and Country of Birth, of Passengers Arriving in the United States By Sea from Foreign Countries, from September 30, 1819, to December 31, 1855; Compiled Entirely from Official Data. New York: Redfield, 1856.  Wells Library call number: JV6463.B8 “Recapitulation”  p. 185

Burritt, Elihu, 1810-1879. The Year-Book of the Nations, for 1856. New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1856.  Lilly Library call number: AY256.N53 Y39 1856 “Statistics of the Nations. The Armies, Navies, Debts, and Annual Charge of the Debts, of different Nations.”  p. 8

Military Reach

The Naval Temple: Containing A Complete History of the Battles Fought by the Navy of the United States. From its Establishment in 1794, to the Present Time; Including the Wars with France, and with Tripoli, the Late War with Great Britain, and with Algiers. 2nd ed. Boston: Published by Barber Badger, 1816.  Lilly Library call number: E182.N34 “Triumphant return of the American Squadron” [Gibraltar]  Frontispiece

Colton, Walter, 1797-1851. Deck and Port; or, Incidents of a Cruise in the United States Frigate Congress to California. With Sketches of Rio Janeiro, Valparaiso, Lima, Honolulu, and San Francisco. New York: A.S. Barnes and Co.; Cincinnati: H.W. Derby and Co., 1850.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: F2223.C65 “Rio de Janeiro” [Brazil]  p. 86

Frost, John, 1800-1859. Thrilling Adventures Among the Indians: Comprising The Most Remarkable Personal Narratives of Events in the Early Indian Wars, as well as of Incidents in the Recent Indian Hostilities in Mexico and Texas. Philadelphia: J.W. Bradley, 1851.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: E85.F93 Restricted “Thrilling Adventures”  p. [9]

Taylor, Fitch W[aterman]., 1803-1865. A Voyage Round the World, and Visits to Various Foreign Countries, in the United States Frigate Columbia. 13th ed. 2 vols. New Haven: H. Mansfield; New York: D. Appleton, 1859.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: G420.T2 “Bombardment of Muckie. And landing of the Force to fire the town.”  1:Frontispiece

Neff, Jacob K. Thrilling Incidents of the Wars of the United States: Comprising the Most Striking and Remarkable Events of the Revolution, the French War, the Tripolitan War, the Indian War, the Second War with Great Britain, and the Mexican War. New York: Robert Sears, 1860, c1848.  Lilly Library call number: E181.N34 “Bombardment of Tripoli”  p. [400]

Scientific Exploration

Wilkes, Charles 1798-1877. Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition During the Years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842. 5 vols. Philadelphia: Lea and Blanchard, 1845.  Lilly Library call number: G463.W6 v.1-5 “Harbour of Pago-Pago, Tutuila”  p. 2:71

Lynch, W[illiam]. F[rancis]., 1801-1865. Narrative of the United States’ Expedition to the River Jordan and the Dead Sea. Philadelphia: Lea and Blanchard, 1849.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: DS107.L98 “Pilgrims Bathing in the Jordan” Opposite  p. 262

Jenkins, John S[tilwell]., 1818-1852. United States Exploring Expeditions. Auburn: Alden, Beardsley and Co.; Rochester: Wanzer, Beardsley and Co., 1852.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: G170.J45 1852 [multiple sites of exploration]  Frontispiece

Perry, Matthew Calbraith, 1794-1858. Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, Performed in the Years 1852, 1853, and 1854, under the Command of Commodore M.C. Perry, United States Navy, by Order of the Government of the United States. 3 vols. Washington DC: A.O.P. Nicholson, 1856.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: DS881.8 P465 v.1-3 “First Landing at Gorahama”  Plate between pp. 1:256-257

Kane, Elisha Kent, 1820-1857. Arctic Explorations: The Second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, ‘54, ‘55. 2 vols. Philadelphia: Childs and Peterson; J.P. Lippincott and Co.; Boston: Phillips, Sampson and Co.; New York: G.P. Putnam and Co.; Cincinnati: Applegate and Co., 1857, c1856.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: G660.K16 v.1-2 “The Nip Off Cape Cornelius Grinnell, Force Bay”  Plate between pp. 1:76-77

Travel Narratives

The Mariner’s Library or Voyager’s Companion. Containing Narratives of the Most Popular Voyages, from the Time of Columbus to the Present Day; with Accounts of Remarkable Shipwrecks, Naval Adventures, the Whale-Fishery, &c.: the Whole Interspersed with Numerous Sketches of Nautical Life, and Illustrated by Fine Engravings. Boston: Lilly, Wait, Colman and Holden, 1833, c1832.  Lilly Library call number: PS1959.O44 “Boat Upset by a Whale”  p. 344

Stephens, John L[loyd]., 1805-1852. Incidents of Travel in Yucatan. 2 vols. New York: Harper and Brother, 1843.  Lilly Library call number: F1376.S83 1843 v.1-2 “Bolonchen, Cueva or Well”  Opposite p. 2:148

Jacobs, Thomas Jefferson. Scenes, Incidents, and Adventures in the Pacific Ocean, or, the Islands of the Australasian Seas, During the Cruise of the Clipper Margaret Oakley, under Capt. Benjamin Morrell. New-York: Harper and Brothers, 1844.  Lilly Library call number: DU21.J2 “Attack of the Savages on the Brig Margaret Oakley, in Reynolds’s Bay, Papua”  Frontispiece

Little, George. Life on the Ocean; or Twenty Years at Sea: Being the Personal Adventures of the Author. 12th ed. Boston: Waite, Peirce and Company, 1846, c1843.  Auxiliary Library Facility call number: G540.L7 “Scene on Canton River” [China]  Opposite p. 147

Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896. Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands. 2 vols. Boston: Phillips, Sampson, and Company; New York: J.C. Derby, 1854.  Lilly Library call number: PS2954.S95 v.1-2 [watching ships from shore]  p. 1:1